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About Us

Manufactures on 4 sites

  • Molesworth Street (Toolroom, Thermoplastic Injection, Structural Foam (ESF) and DCPD moulding)
  • Queensway (Finish Painting and Assembly)
  • Kingsway 1, 2 & 3 (Finish Painting and Assembly)
  • Chichester Street (DCPD Moulding, Finishing and assembly)

Storage and logistics on 2 sites

  • Gorrells Way (Logistics Centre)
  • CVR (Stillage Storage Centre)

Employing over 140 Personnel

  • direct operatives
  • indirect operatives
  •  skilled toolroom operatives –  staff & management

Core Processes

  • Thermoplastic injection moulding – Thermoplastic structural foam moulding (ESF)
  • DCPD Moulding
  • Decorative painting of polymers manual and robotic
  • RFI/EMI screening painting
  • Low to high level assembly
  • Tool manufacture (in house up to 10 Tonne)
  • Product development from concept to customer delivery

TEP was originally founded in 1949 as Taylor Patterns, patternmakers and toolmakers to the automotive sector. Moulding and painting processes were introduced throughout the sixties and seventies to meet the emerging demands for OEM products requiring plastic enclosures. By 1977, TEP was established in its current format and continued its expansion with further injection moulding, structural foam moulding (ESF) and DCPD technologies and in particular, the development of its painting and finishing facilities.

The addition of greater levels of sub-assembly has gone further to satisfy our customers desire to develop the “finished product”.

Our ongoing investment will see the introduction of more cost-effective technology to ensure our customers maintain a competitive and innovative edge with their components.